Real Bread Week 2021

Real Bread Week 2021

This year, Real Bread Week falls on February 20 to 28. It is the annual, international celebration of additive-free loaves and the people who make them.

What is Real Bread Week?

It was created and is run by the Real Bread Campaign since 2010, #RealBreadWeek is the annual, international celebration of Real Bread and the people behind its rise.

The goal is to encourage people to:

  • Buy Real Bread from local, independent bakeries
  • Bake their own Real Bread

Buy Real Bread

It's time to kick additive-filled industrial bread to the curb and support YOUR neighborhood's Real Bread bakery!

Small, independent, locally-owned bakeries help to:

  • Support more jobs per loaf for people in your local community 
  • Keep more money circulating in your local economy, helping to keep your high street alive

Don't be fooled by so-called 'artisan' loaves turning up on supermarket shelves, always read the label. True artisan bakers don't use additives of any kind.

Bake Real Bread

Seize the “dough” and take control of the food that you and your family enjoy! Not only is making Real Bread great fun, it's also an affordable way to avoid the cocktail of additives that are in industrial loaf products.

Some people find it therapeutic. It’s great to see more children learning to make Real Bread. It can also be a way of steering them towards healthier food. You would be amazed at the number of children who don't like “healthy” bread but love it when it was made by their own little hands.

Keep in mind: Real Bread Week isn't about cakes or loaves raised with baking powder / soda, or just about sourdough bread.

About Real Bread

Real Bread has nothing to hide. It is made with simple, natural ingredients and NO artificial additives.

What is Real Bread?

Everyone has his or her own idea of what Real Bread is. Here's the Real Bread Campaign's basic definition:

Made without the use of so-called processing aids or any other additives.

Amongst the additives not used in Real Bread making are: Baking powder and other chemical leavening; ascorbic acid; xanthan gum; added enzymes or any other so-called 'processing aids' - that exclusion applies to any additives in the flour or mix you use.

Nothing is better than homemade bread fresh out of the oven. Make it even more delicious with our variety of jams