Orange Saffron Marmalade

Rocky Mountain Jams

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Inspired by an Indian family, at our local farmers market, who makes the most amazing chai tea and orange saffron aioli. It takes nearly 150 flowers to produce a single gram of dried saffron threads. This jam contains thinly sliced oranges, saffron threads. Our 'soaking 'method removes the majority of the 'bite' traditionally associated with traditional marmalades. So, it is sweet and tangy with a hint of saffron. Use it to glaze trout or salmon, add life to your charcuterie board, or glaze sugar cookies or pound cake for a luxurious dessert. 

Our French-style preserves are soft and full of fruit without a heavy pectin texture. 

Ingredients: oranges, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, green apple (natural pectin), and saffron. 

Available in two sizes: 2.4 oz. or 8.5 oz.

Perishable once opened, keep refrigerated, and consume within 8 weeks of opening.